Simple Steps to Improve the Overall Massage Experience:

  1. Sight – Lighting
  2. Sound – Music
  3. Scent – Aroma
  4. Touch – Soft Linens and Warmth
  5. Taste – Drink

The therapeutic value of a massage comes in two parts. The primary benefit is delivered through the skillful hands of the therapist. The secondary benefit is the experiential component that is often overlooked: Sight, Sound, Scent, Touch and Taste. This all takes place before the therapist ever touches the client. Each year I revisit a spa in Colorado, just for the relaxing atmosphere of the spa itself. It isn’t very big or fancy, but the space is cleverly utilized and a lot of thought was spent on the ambience. The massage is good but it’s the complete experience I receive from the time I walk in the door until I leave that keeps me coming back for more. On arrival I enter a peaceful zone of meditative music. The lighting is not bright, but natural. Directly in front of me is a comfy overstuffed love seat that invites me to sit in respite. I pour myself a glass of scented water from a pitcher laden with freshly sliced fruit floating on the top. I sip quietly, while I’m hypnotized by the lazy trickle of the waterfall that is surrounded by live plants. My treatment has begun. The therapist in a calm and friendly voice greets me and guides me to the treatment room. She takes a moment to explain where to leave my clothes, which way to lie down and directs my attention to the linens by folding them down so I know to cover up with them. The linens are soft, the lights are low and the table is warm. I want to stay forever. After my massage I collect myself, get dressed and in a Zombie-state, quietly check out. I re-enter the world with a renewed mind and with thoughts of returning. What experiences keep bringing you back?