What strategy will Massage Therapists employ during and after Coronavirus?

And what will getting back to work look like? “2020 is a unique leap year. It has 29 days in February, 300 days in March and 10 years in April”.  Hopefully, May won’t be as long. So, let’s take a moment to look at where we were and where we are going.


 As the reality and the repercussions of this Coronavirus sinks in for everyone, panic emerges. My phone rings as massage therapists ask me about the lockdown rules. Can we really not practice? Does that mean house calls too? How am I supposed to pay my bills? I didn’t have any magic pixie dust or a strategy to solve this crisis. So, I capture my own thoughts of panic and begin to think of what I can do to prepare.

 Panic solves nothing and only delays necessary actions.

First, I put my priorities in order.

What can I do in the here and now to prepare, before things get any more out of control? Food is my first thought. I need to grocery shop, cook, and freeze a month’s worth of food. It will keep my mind busy and off the worst-case scenario, while I try to make sense of it. I jokingly think to myself, ” Being sick with Coronavirus is scary enough, but the last thing I want to do is eat my husband’s cooking for two weeks.” LOL, who knew toilet paper was going to be so valuable.

Second, organize and clean out my pantry

…which I should have done after hurricane Irma. Had it been that long? And did I seriously moan and groan about not having time to do it before? I feel guilty as I throw away the expired cans of food. Now, the pantry looked like the grocery store shelves, empty. But at least, I can see what food I have, and I was grateful that it was done. My brain feels clearer and calmer.

Now, our schedules are non-existent with this new” normal.” But this feels like anything but normal. I try to look on the bright side; I have a roof over my head, plenty of food, and toilet paper. And, no last-minute, babysitting drop-ins to blow up my day. However, I do miss my granddaughter’s hugs and weekly sleep-overs. Not sure when I will see her again, I can’t help but reminisce…

Before she would come for a sleepover, I would chop up all the ingredients for dinner. When she arrived, she’d climb up on the tall stool I placed in front of the stove next to me. She’d excitedly wait for me to tell her which bowl of fresh-cut herbs or vegetables to empty into the pan next. Cooking felt like a fun art project. 

We all are used to a particular routine, like work, working out at the gym, and visiting family. But safety first, along with the well-being of my entire family. It all was changing so fast!

 I found myself not washing my hair. Like what is the point, right? I wasn’t going anywhere, and no one is going to see me but my husband, until he asked if I was wearing the same baggie sleep shirt that I had on the day before and maybe the day before that, busted!

Thirdly, it was time to get the structure back.

I took a shower and then got out the scissors and hair color. It is in a time like this that I wished I had completed my cosmetology license. I don’t think I will become a hairdresser anytime soon, but I look and feel so much better. 

Then I got out of the house to return to my run-walk-bike routine. That’s when I noticed how crowded my neighborhood street had become. Groups of families were all walking together. Where did all these people come from? Since we don’t have sidewalks, I felt like the maze runner, trying to keep the 6-foot social distance rule. They all waved and were very cordial. But honestly, I didn’t recognize most of them.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad they see the value of exercise and time with their families. But weren’t these the same people that dangerously whizzed past me in their cars for the last 20 years? Maybe, they will have mercy on me when this is all over. Will they keep walking? Or keep a respectful distance and speed when they go by me in their cars? Sweaty and drained from exercise, I hit the shower and went to bed, determined not to sleep in the next morning.

Massage Therapists Strategy

Next was to complete the free webinar I had started for massage therapists. It almost seemed ridiculous to work on it. Although massage therapists are out of work, a lot of them are taking the time to get their CE’s and learn something new. I needed to do the same to move forward and keep up the momentum. 

The webinar is something new that I had never offered before. Massage Therapists didn’t feel like online classes had the same support that live courses do. And I wanted to change that. So, it just so happened that my new webinar offers live one-on-one sessions via Zoom, along with a marketing strategy. Now that live classes are out of the question, the live, personal coaching support makes perfect sense. And what will getting back to work look like? Get on our mailing list to receive when it’s ready.


So, then I started a Free Facebook Group to help Massage Therapists work on a strategy for when they do get back to work. You can’t change the present circumstances, but when the circumstances change, you could optimize this time to be ready. Download your free Coronavirus Strategy Checklist. When that happens, I want to hit the ground running. If you are a massage therapist that wants to get back structure and control, then join me in my new FB Group at Facebook.com/groups/MichelleMace.

All it took was a couple of weeks, and I feel amazingly better and energized. I refuse to let the Coronavirus circumstances determine my destiny today. This morning I even made the bed. I read somewhere, if you are having trouble getting one foot in front of the other, get up, and make the bed. Then you can say you were successful at least one thing for the day.

I need structure and control, and I guess you do too. You can only binge-watch so much tv. But, if you are, watch movies I need structure and control, and I guess you do too. You can only binge-watch so much tv. But, if you are, watch movies about the overcomers like Winston Churchill, or the new series “ Self Made” with Octavia Spencer. She is one of my favorite actresses!  I’m going to make the most of the time I have on this earth and not waste any of it. I’m going to work on my computer today and learn something new. Even though I cannot control the future, I can control my mindset and emotions.

 Life is like the seashore, the waves of the stuff we sweat keep lapping up on the shoreline without ceasing. The only thing that interrupts them is a tsunami. Until the lapping waves of life return, start your day with structure, that gives you enough control to keep moving forward. It isn’t the easy times that define us; it’s these. As Winston Churchill said, and this guy lived through some pretty dark and dire times, “If you are going through HELL, then keep on going!” Even hell has limits.

Michelle D. Mace, a licensed massage therapist of over 20 years, is the founder of The Barefoot Masters®. We develop unique massage CE that saves the hands of therapists. With over a dozen courses to choose from, there is something for everyone. For more information: TheBarefootMasters.com or get on our Email List to get informed about massage issues or for upcoming classes.

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