The Barefoot Masters classes in Ashiatsu, Bamboo Massage, Fijian barefoot massage are taught differently then other providers. Our focus is on learning. Lecture is kept to a minimal. Understanding and application of the modality is the main objective. Not indoctrinating people into a cult-like practice of “the modality” or who claims to have originated it. There are those claiming to have originated Ashiatsu and Bamboo Massage. That is just another way of saying, I own Ashiatsu, I own Bamboo Massage. It’s hooey! Before becoming a massage therapist I was a housewife with 3 very hyper-energetic children who were diagnosed with learning disabilities, I spent the next 3 years with my two oldest children, working with tutors who had PHD’s in teaching. They taught me that most children and adults remember the beginning, the end and very little in the middle. So keep the middle of our daily home assignments short When my third son started having difficulties with reading, I knew what to do. This time it was caught early. Immediately I applied the same techniques. Using auditory, visual and kinesthetic styles in combination and then keeping it short. In three months my son was reading to the surprise of his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Wingo. She was so impressed that she asked if I would work with some of the other kids in her class who were considered non-readers. I wasn’t sure of how successful I would be, but no one had anything to loose. I applied the same methods and they too started reading. In 2000, at the first spa that I worked for, they sent myself and another therapist to take a class in stone massage. On our return we were to teach the other therapists. It went so well that I was asked to teach the remaining staff. Later I was asked by an Ashiatsu massage therapy provider to teach. At first I was reluctant, but her persistence won me over. One of the missing components of the training was a working Ashiatsu manual. This particular modality was still in development. Most of it was passed on verbally. There were no written details, as it was feared that students would copy it and teach on their own. Mistrust is not a learning style. The Barefoot Masters classes primary goal is for you to learn Ashiatsu, Bamboo or Fijian massage. We give each massage therapist who registers for classes a digital manual and video before you come to class. Starting from scratch I began a whole different program and approach. Applying what I had learned with my children. With the new Ashiatsu program, the moves were simplified and explained in written detail. There was not anterior Ashiatsu routine, so that was developed and added to complete the routine. Half a day’s lecture of origins was trimmed to less than an hour. Leaving more time for hands-on. It was broken up into timed segments with a combination of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic style added. After completing the Ashiatsu Bar Manual, the same was applied developing the Ashiatsu Floor, Bamboo massage and Fijian barefoot massage. The trainings were then offered in a home studies and then as an online classes. As therapists we tend to think we are kinesthetic learners. Although it may be our primary go-to, it only scratches the surface of how our brains retain what we learn. Most of us learn by using auditory, visual, and kinesthetic in combination. This enforces retention rate. All our programs were developed around the concept of how we learn. It isn’t just about the modality. The Barefoot Masters classes offer an array of class trainings. We invite you to join us.