The difference between the routine for Ashiatsu Massage for Bar and Ashiatsu Massage for Floor are nearly identical. Both use the same method of application. The massage therapists applies feet to client using deep long strokes that glide over the body using BonVital® original cream. The main difference is Ashiatsu Massage for Bar uses an overhead bar system with a massage table for the client to lay on and Ashiatsu Massage for Floor uses stools or the new Ashiatsu Massage Floor Bars for balance with a cushioned mat on the floor that the client reclines on. Both barefoot modalities save your hands. And both will give you continuing education hours for massage.   Below is a chart of the Pros and Cons of each Ashiatsu Massage modality.



Ashiatsu Bar

Easy to Apply Getting Bars Up
Bar are Out of the Way No House-calls
Clients Love It Must Have an Office
Saves Hands Initial Bar Expense
Sets You Apart Fear of Heights

Ashiatsu Floor

Easy Set Up A Little Harder to Apply
Inexpensive Set Up Office Not Big Enough
Clients Love It Inconvenient for Client on Floor
Don’t Need Office
Saves Hands
Sets You Apart
Great for House-Calls
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