Ashiatsu Live class vs Ashiatsu Home Study Training Blog What is the difference between Ashiatsu live class and taking and Ashiatsu training through a home study or online? Let’s clarify a few things first. Whether you choose one of Barefoot Masters® live classes or take the home study, it will be awkward, and it will be a challenge. There are also two-course offerings; Ashiatsu Bar Massage and Ashiatsu Floor Massage.   Ashiatsu bar massage classes use overhead bars, and the massage table is usually 3 feet off the ground. The brain takes a day to adjust to the height difference. Ashiatsu Floor is done on the floor, using a mat for the client to lay down on instead of a table. The massage therapists can either use a stool for balance or use the new ashiatsu portable bars that are light and are better suited for balance. These bars are excellent, and the portability makes out door sporting events a snap. Both Ashiatsu barefoot deep tissue massage use the same routine.   Let’s discuss Ashiatsu live class vs Ashiatsu home study training. Students already know how to massage with their hands, but they find using their feet a bit awkward in the beginning. That is where an instructor can step in and reassure the students through any tough moments of doubt. Also, they receive an ashiatsu massage, so they know what it feels like to be a client. Those are two advantages of Ashiatsu classes that are not available in a home study training. The home study has four benefits that live Ashiatsu classes does not. There is no time limit; more attention is spent on the details, savings in cost and there is a free Skype consultation. Both come with Ashiatsu certification. It was an intimidating decision to put Ashiatsu deep tissue massage into a home study format that would also receive Ashiatsu certification. It required me to give up a certain amount of control. And I would have to deal with the naysayers who I’m sure would resist indoor plumbing if it were new. Eventually, someone was going to do it, so it might as well be me. A lot of time and thought was devoted to the development of the program. There had to be more detailed explanations, but simple to understand. It had to be, exactly what was taught in a live class. The video for the Ashiatsu Bar was shot three times before I was happy with the final cut. The editing process was grueling, and it took two years to complete. After it had been done, it then needed to be tested. Some therapists were contacted that had no previous experience with Ashiatsu massage, to conduct the study. After they had completed the home study, arrangements were made for them to come and demonstrate what they had learned. A lot was riding on the outcome, but this would dictate the future of Ashiatsu classes and training. The first student was from North Florida, about 5 hours from Naples. After she had completed the home study course, she kindly drove down, and we met for the first time. She was nervous, and so was I. The suspense was overwhelming. The moment of truth had arrived. I was determined not to give her any clues or help. It was the only way I was going to know if this project was going to fly or die. Everything was ready, and I was anxious to get started. The Florida LMT mounted the table and stood to wait. I asked her to demonstrate the routine by performing the moves as they were outlined on the chart we used in class. As if in slow motion she performed flawlessly. I had not anticipated this. She knew not only the moves but also the placement of her feet. I was bowled over and wanted to jump up and down with applause! I had never had a student in my class that knew the material as well as she did. Would all the other students perform as well? They did. The question became, “Why did these students know more than those in those who took Ashiatsu classes live?” After careful observation, I noticed, students came to the live class expecting to memorize the verbal instructions, which is impossible. To improve the learning outcome, students receive their course materials before coming to the classes. They are asked to review the materials beforehand. They also receive homework during class. After they receive their Ashiatsu certification, they are asked to continue studying the manual to ensure they don’t forget any of the details. The Ashiatsu home study was instrumental in improving the live classes. The advent of technology has made it possible for Ashiatsu classes to be available online as well. It saves on costs and is environmentally friendly. No paper, no printing, Ashiatsu training is all digitally accessible 24/7. And comes with certification. Which is better? Ashiatsu live class vs Ashiatsu home study? It depends on your personality and circumstance. Are you independent and disciplined? Does your schedule, finances or location make it possible to participate in a live course? The Ashiatsu home study is convenient and self-paced. And if you are unsure, Skype® is a way to demonstrate what you have learned. However, Ashiatsu live classes are never going to go out of style, and there is an option to do both. It would offer the best of both worlds. Either way, I love teaching Ashiatsu massage. Call Barefoot Masters® to discuss your future. Click here for Ashiatsu Live Class vs Ashiatsu Home Study, Ashiatsu Live Class vs Ashiatsu Home Study or Online ( Click Here)