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****FLORIDA MASSAGE THERAPISTS, PLEASE READ!!! Currently, even though we have not officially heard from the Florida Massage Board, all the LMT’s who sign up for the expired Online CE’s are being accepted for those who missed the 8/31 deadline. They are allowing them to pay the late fee and renew their licenses. 

Intro to Barefoot Massage is a 12 CE course for all states that requires Multiple Choice and Essay questions. It is a combination of Fijian Barefoot, Barefoot Stretch, and Ashiatsu with no bars. Designed to introduce you to the 3 different techniques of Barefoot Massage. NCBTMB #403532 is accepted in most states. We also have NY#17, FL50-2045, and LAP#179 for Louisiana. For more info text: 239-370-2044.

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Intro to Barefoot Massage Training Home Study Online is a 12 Massage CE course for massage therapists that combines three different techniques. Ashiatsu, Fijian and Barefoot Stretch Massage combo gives you an idea of which massage technique is a good fit for you. Plus, there is no need for Ashiatsu bars or a massage table, or special equipment.

Great for new and veteran massage therapists! You don’t need to invest in any complicated equipment. Additionally, you work at your own pace. And you receive 12 CE toward the renewal of your license. The intro to the barefoot massage training course is for LMT that need NCBTMB CEU’s.

The course covers, history, contraindications, and benefits. Along with hands-on technique, marketing, and multiple-choice questions. When finished click the arrow next to the course name to download your certificate.

NCBTMB has changed the rules for new home studies and online courses.  There are multiple-choice questions along with essay questions. Just copy and paste the answers in the fields.

Of course, Ashiatsu is a modality that uses your feet. The client can be on the massage table or on a mat on the floor. For this portion, you will learn the seated routine. So, all you need is a face cradle and lotion. We use Elixir of Life Alchimiste, organic and natural deep tissue massage cream. And a chair if you prefer.

Comparatively, the barefoot strokes are long, deep, and very relaxing. Use an antibacterial wipe for the body. And be sure your feet are nice and smooth before putting them on your client.

Fijian massage strokes are short. You the therapist sits through the entire routine, so you will need a chair. Unlike, Ashiatsu, the client wears clothes.  And you might want to use a mat with a face cradle.

In this case, each stroke is very deep. Furthermore, you can wear socks. Or just make sure your feet are nice and smooth and use an antibacterial wipe to clean them. Here the moves are neuro-muscular-like.

Similarly, Barefoot Stretch Massage is done with the client fully dressed. In addition, it is an effective way to stretch your client. But instead of getting on your hands and knees, you will stand erect. Instead of picking up body parts with your hands, you will use your feet. And use the back of two chairs for balance.

Michelle Mace, CEO of The Barefoot Masters®is a developer of continuing education materials and classes.  She offers nine different hand-saving techniques and over a dozen CE classes for massage. As a 20 year veteran of massage, her passion is to create career-saving options for massage therapists. For more info:

Barefoot Massage Training Intro Course.

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