Bamboossage® or Bamboo2Go® Home Study Hard Copy Courses


Warm Bamboossage Table Massage or Bamboo2Go Chair Home Study Hard Copy CE courses, or online, come with a hard copy manual and DVD. Kits with the Bamboo Tool sets are available for purchase separately or in combination. Each comes with certification. We also have the Bamboo Facial Sticks as well.


NCBTMB and Florida approved. AMTA & ABMP accepted.

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Bamboossage® or Bamboo2Go® Home Study courses are available in two forms of a home study.  What’s the difference? They are the same course.
Except this course is offered in a hard copy manual with DVD that is shipped to you and your quiz is found online.  We offer the toolsets for Warm Bamboossage® Table Massage and Bamboo2Go® Chair as a CE courses or with just a DVD demo. The DVD demo’s don’t come with CE’s, Manuals, Certification or audio instructions. However, the  DVD shows the entire routine, set to music. 
How do we heat the Toolset? We recommend the Theratherm 27 X 14 Moist Heating Pad with a 60-minute timer. It is not included. It is available on the website or from Massage Warehouse.


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8 Pc Bamboossage® Table Kit 16 CE w/heating pad $499, 8Pc Bamboossage® Table Kit 16 CE no/heating pad $425, 6 Pc Bamboo2Go® Chair Kit 8 CE $250, 10 Pc Bamboossage®/Bamboo2Go Combo 24 CEw/heating pad $550, 10pc Bamboossage®/Bamboo2Go Combo 24 CE no/heating pad $475, Online 8 Pc Bamboossage® Table Set $299


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