Bamboossage Tools for Massage Therapists




Bamboossage® Tools come in different sets. The Bamboossage®  toolset for the table massage is an eight-piece tool set. The tools for the Bamboo2Go® Chair massage is a six-piece toolset. And our new Bamboossage® Facial sticks have 7-pieces. The Deluxe tool set comes with ten pieces for the table and chair. And then the entire Premium set that includes the facial sticks has 17-pieces. Free shipping in the USA only. Fees apply to non-US, please contact us first.

We make our Bamboossage® sticks from solid rattan with a few pieces just a few from real bamboo that is hollow. Bamboo contracts and expands which leads to splitting when heating. Since our sets are mostly solid rattan, this is not a problem. Beware of the sticks that claim to be 100 % solid bamboo. These sets are made of 50% bamboo pulp and 50% glue. They then our them into a mold and so they come out like perfect closet dowels. The glue breaks down over time when heated. Our sets are handmade by us in the USA. Like us, each piece has its own personality and imperfections that make them both special and unique.

Our Bamboo Massage courses come with NCBTMB CE’s as well as certification. They are available in live class workshops, in a hard copy home study or online to save paper and trees.

The Barefoot Masters® develops unique techniques dedicated to saving the hands and body of massage therapists. We were the first company to develop educational materials and live seminars for bamboo massage. We debuted it at the FSMTA convention in 2006 at The Barefoot Masters® booth.

Michelle D. Mace is the CEO and founder of The Barefoot Masters®. She is a developer of continuing education. What does that mean exactly? A provider of CE teaches, a developer writes the book. A developer takes an idea, choreographs a routine that is easy to remember and then commits the directions to paper in a way that all can understand.

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Tool sets

Full Set, Facial Set, Full Monty, Half Monty, Half Pint Set, Half Pint Single, Handwarmers, Middleman, Short Tool Set, Shorty Tool, Slim Jim, Ugly Set, Tapotement Tool


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