So you want to learn Ashiatsu Massage, great! Before you attend your training class there’s a few things you need to know first.


Here’s 8 commonly asked questions about Ashiatsu Massage training and how to show up to class prepared:

 1. Why take an Ashiatsu Training Class?

An Ashiatsu Class will entirely change how you do deep tissue massage. Let’s face it; your hands can only do so much. Now it’s time to put your feet to work. With training, you will utilize the proper application of this unique barefoot massage technique and get massage CE and Certification. Also, you will gain the confidence to use it to its full potential.



 2. What is Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Technique?

Ashiatsu is a deep tissue barefoot massage technique. The therapists use their feet to apply the massage. In a word, it is a compression massage. For the most part, the method utilizes gravity to assist the massage therapist in giving a massage that is consistently deep and relaxing. And, you can not tell the difference between their hands or feet. 

Also, the client can be on a massage table or on a mat on the floor. The therapist can either stand on the massage table with overhead bars, stand on the and use floor bars or sit on a tall bar stool. All of these use lotion except for the stretch routine where the client is fully dressed. 

3. Where Can I Find Ashiatsu Massage Classes Near Me?

The Barefoot Masters® has been teaching Ashiatsu training classes for nearly 20 years. Our instructors are located throughout the USA. Go to our website: The Barefoot Masters® to check our live and online classes. We are an NCBTMB provider #403532-0. All of our courses come with CE and Certification.

4. How much does Ashiatsu training cost?

Our classes are small and intimate. Most will have three students and some only 6. Also, our instructors teach in different states that have different requirements. So some teach a class for two days or three days for 18 – 24 CE. The price range is $550 -$650. It depends on how many days, hours they choose to teach in. Or if their cost of living is higher.


5. Does the course come with Certification and CEU’s?

Yes, you receive Certification in class along with CE Massage hours. We are an NCBTMB provider, which is accepted by most states. We also have provider ship in Arkansas, Florida, and Lousiana. You do not have to take all the courses we offer to become certified in the course you completed. We do offer a Masters Certification for all of the barefoot techniques. However, you don’t need to take them all if you only want to be certified in Ashiatsu Basic. 

6. What is required to take to take the training?

We do not require our students to do any special exercises or be a certain weight. However, if you are over 180, you may need to bring your massage table. Just check with your instructor. Or if you are taking the Seated or Ashiatsu Floor class, not even that is necessary.

Before Ashiatsu training class, we give our students access to the digital manual. In it, pictures with detailed instructions of the entire posterior and anterior routine, along with history, contraindications, marketing, and bar installation instructions. Also, you receive the digital video. So you have access before and after class for two years to access the supporting materials.

Once you register for the class, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the workshop materials. Also, you will receive the time and locations, along with what to bring and what to wear. For example, bring sheets and wear stretchy leggings or capri pants with a tank top. Equally important, make an appointment to get a pedicure. And, there should be some recommendations for accommodations.

Above all, take advantage of the time to familiarize yourself with the class materials. In turn, this will enhance your learning outcome, while it cuts down on time-consuming lecture. To be clear, the word Basic doesn’t mean it’s easy-peasy or watered down. On the contrary, no one breezes through day one.

The day before class, we recommend getting directions for your accommodations or the course location. Pack everything you need to bring to the live seminar, as well as snacks and lunch. If you run cold, pack a sweater and some socks. Also, contact your instructor for any questions you might have. It is best not to make any plans to work or socialize after class. And most important, get a good night’s rest the night before.

7. What to expect during the 2-day workshop of Ashiatsu Bar Basic?

On Day-1, give yourself plenty of time to get to the location. Expect the traditional sign-in sheet, collection of the class fee, if any, and an introduction to the instructor and other students. To begin, you will watch a video of the routine and discuss contraindications. Equally important, most of your energy is in use for the hands-on technique or, in this case, the foot-on method.

Most CE classes put students in pairs. When possible, we put three students to a table. It provides time to process the information. Also, it allows therapists to help and support each other. Comparatively, expect it to be the toughest, awkward, and longest day of the course. Midday, we break for lunch. Since it is a lot of information to cover for both the instructor and student, we welcome lighthearted banter to make class fun.

For Day-2, it is an entirely different day and much more relaxed. Now you get to practice the whole routine while your instructor helps you to improve or correct your technique. Again, there is a lunch break mid-day. Once everyone has finished their routine, there is time to discuss what to charge. And also receive instructions on bar installation and marketing.

 Finally, you fill out an evaluation and receive a certificate for continuing education hours and attendance. Congratulations, you are now one of The Barefoot Masters® graduates.

8. Do I have to be a massage therapist to learn Ashiatsu?

Not really, but every instructor has autonomy over who they will teach. If you are a massage therapist or student, you can take the class. Massage therapists from deregulated states are welcome. If you are not a massage therapist or in school, you will need to check with the individual instructor. We use anatomical terminology in the live class that can be confusing to laypeople. However, anyone can take our online courses. In any event, our courses will not certify you to do massage therapy.


Bonus Question: Why should you take an Ashiatsu Training class with The Barefoot Masters?

The Barefoot Masters® is a developing company. What does that mean? Anyone can teach from memory or with the use of a manual of instructions. But not everyone writes the manual. 

Michelle D. Mace, our founder of 20 years, is not just a teacher or provider of CE. She wrote the first step-by-step detailed instructional manual for both the Posterior and the Anterior Ashiatsu Bar routine. Before that, there was no comprehensive instructional manual for Ashiatsu Massage. She has also developed and written over a dozen manuals for other hand-saving massage techniques.  


We wanted to give our students instructional support before, during, and after class. Included are images for the accuracy of each move. We painstakingly edited them over and over, so the directions were easy to understand and not confusing. Since there wasn’t anything to copy, these are the original printed works.  

Also, we don’t require our students to sign contracts. Or take a blood oath to take our courses. We want to serve you, not the other way around. 

Michelle D. Mace an LMT of over 20 years, is the founder of The Barefoot Masters®. We develop unique massage CE that save the hands of therapists. With over a dozen courses to choose from, there is something for everyone. For more information: or get on our Email List to get informed about massage issues or for upcoming classes.

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