How To Massage With A Broken Arm

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had an injury to your hands or arms? Well, this is about how to do a massage with a broken arm. I found out yet again that not only is Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage one of the best deep tissue massage techniques on the planet, but it has continued to be a blessing to my life. And it has rescued my massage career numerous times.

Would a hand or arm injury disrupt your massage business? If so – you need to read this! Hopefully, my story will save you in the future. 

After being cooped up for months for the pandemic lockdown, along with canceling a much-needed vacation, I was feeling bummed out. I was grateful not to have contracted Covid-19. But, I think everyone I knew was suffering mentally from being confined. 

The same day I was supposed to be leaving for vacation, enough was enough. I needed to get out of the house. My mountain bike was in disrepair, so I decided to take my husband’s bike for a spin. It is slightly bigger and heavier than mine. The freedom of the outdoors was doing wonders for my mental state. And then, on a whim, I went to jump a curb that I’ve done a hundred times. When I went to lift the wheel, I forgot it was bigger and heavier. And at this angle, it was also too soon.

At that split second, I knew the wheel would hit the curb, and I was going down. I held onto the handlebar with a death grip and braced for impact. As if in slow-motion, my body sailed up into the air and slammed down hard onto the cement sidewalk. The bike came with me, but as soon as I hit, the force caused me to let go as I skidded to the other side of the walkway into the grass. Then the moment of blinding pain that racks your entire body.

Time stops, and it’s like you can’t see or hear anything; there is just the pain.

The next day, I knew something wasn’t right, so I made an appointment to get an x-ray. Sure enough, it revealed an Olecranon fracture. Not the best news. Great, walking around for three days with a broken arm. And how was I going to do massage with a broken arm? Later they would find out that I had fractured two of the fingers on my left hand. At the time, it looked like a bad sprain. But for now, the doctor focused on my broken arm.

As he examined me, I looked in expectation of some good news. Nope, he said it would require surgery and a long screw unless I didn’t mind having problems with it later on. I’m a right-handed massage therapist, how would I not mind? Besides the two to three months of healing time, there were to be another two months of physical therapy. Seriously, how could 2020 get any worse? It could, now to add a massage therapist with a broken arm.

Although I’m recovering okay, it was the last thing I needed after a COVID-19 shutdown. 

Luckily, I learned years ago to have more than one set of skills in my toolbox. Initially, I used Ashiatsu to save my massage career from overuse injuries to my hands. That was nearly 20 years ago. Here I am today, grateful that due to an unforeseen accident, I’m not out of commission.

Here’s how I can still massage with a broken arm: 

Fijian Floor Massage

  • One of the best massages that’s easy on the therapist, deliver the foot strokes while the therapist sits on a stool.

Ashiatsu Floor Massage 

  • it is a combination of myofascial compression and structural integration. Together with the long Swedish-like strokes, it puts the client in the most profound state of relaxation possible. In the past, you either had to have an office with a massage table and overhead bars, but now you can create a floor massage space.

Ashiatsu Bar Massage

  • Traditional deep tissue massage employs thumbs, fists, and elbows. Deep tissue massages are often associated with discomfort and sometimes bruising; but, Ashiatsu massage with the foot feels like a giant hand. And the heel of the foot acts as a giant thumb. Again, this is an alternative to the use of a bony elbow. A nice benefit of this massage is that it feels much gentler. 

In total, two frozen shoulders, three years apart on each side, followed by tendonitis and a broken arm. Of which neither put me out of work. And by the way, none were a result of doing massage. Ashiatsu Massage has been a true blessing to my life and massage practice. I’m pretty sure without it; I would have resorted to a desk job. Barefoot massage is a career saver. How will you do massage if something like a broken arm happens to you? Do you have a back-up? Or want to learn how to add Ashiatsu to your toolbox? Check out our courses: The Barefoot Masters®

Michelle D. Mace an LMT of over 20 years, is the founder of The Barefoot Masters®. An NCBTMB Provider 403532. We develop a unique massage CE’s that saves the hands of therapists. With over a dozen courses to choose from, there is something for everyone. For more information: The Barefoot Masters®or get on our Email List to get informed about massage issues or for upcoming classes.

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