6 Benefits of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage           6 Benefits of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Massage is well known for bringing balance to the mind body and soul. It is a powerful tool. This Deep Tissue massage works further into the fascia. It also will release trigger points and connective tissues. It is a slower and more forceful in the application. Furthermore, Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage not only adds more pressure but it also adds compression. And it throws myofascial stretching into the mix. Compression massage squeezes the entire body from above and below. It also affects the internal organs. It is a soft structural integration that realigns the body. Skeletal adjustments often occur during a session. It also has myofascial benefits that relax and stretch contracted muscles. This unique modality combines three therapies into one. Ashiatsu Massage is in a league all its own. The potential healing properties of Ashiatsu massage catapults into a whole other level.Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage


1. Reduces Chronic Pain

Ashiatsu massage is a deep tissue compression massage. We know deep tissue massage has long been effective in pain reduction. It manipulates the deeper layers of soft tissue. So, it relieves muscle tension. It does this by loosening tight muscles. In particular, it increases the circulation that flushes out inflammation that causes pain. The compressive strokes of Ashiatsu loosen adhesions.  And it releases the connective tissues. Adhesions and tight connective tissues create much of our discomfort. Alignments go back into place.

2. Improves Flexibility

The long gravity-assisted strokes broaden and lengthen the muscle fibers. Stretching the tissues in two different directions is effective and efficient too. It improves and restores the flexibility. Scar tissue and adhesions can form from past injuries, stress and over-use injuries. These all respond well to this technique. For instance, Ashiatsu is effective at stretching the IT Band. The iliotibial band is a thick band of tissue on the lateral leg. It runs from the hip to the knee. And it also stabilizes the knee. It creates lateral knee pain in runners.

3. Deepest Deep Tissue Massage Possible

Traditional deep tissue massage employs thumbs, fists, and elbows.They are often associated with discomfort and sometimes bruising. But, Ashiatsu massage with the foot feels like a giant hand. And the heel of the foot acts as a giant thumb. Again, this is an alternative to the use of a bony elbow. A nice benefit of this massage is that it feels much gentler.  Hence, it is almost too good to be true. It equates to getting a luxurious deep tissue massage. So, the no pain no gain motto does not apply to this deep massage.

4. No Residual Soreness

Deep compression massage does not break blood vessels. So, there is little to no bruising. The client does not experience the same pain as with traditional deep tissue massage. The softer but deeper application of the barefoot massage is a nice benefit. Instead of the use elbows and thumbs which feel like sharp tools. The barefoot massage does not damage the superficial tissues. Deep tissue massage is rough on the therapist’s hands and body. Ashiatsu massage is much more comfortable for both the therapist and the client.

5. Reduces Stress

Thus, the clients float out of the treatment room. This type of massage puts them in a deeper state of relaxation. In turn, it relieves stress. In fact, the application of Ashiatsu  enhances the state of nirvana.The client experiences a whole new level of calm. Massage reduces the cortisol levels. It has a positive effect on diastolic blood pressure. It has been well documented in many studies. According to this article, “Adjustments to Stress Measures Following Massage Therapy: A Review of the Literature” published by the NCBI in 2008, said that after a massage, a reduction in salivary cortisol and heart rate were consistently noted. The lowering of both heart rate and cortisol benefit the health and wellness of the client.

6. Effects Last Longer

To be sure the whole body benefits from the broad and deep compressive strokes. In comparison to the traditional deep tissue massage, the effects of this service go on for hours. As a result, most clients go home and relax for the rest of the day. Don’t plan on doing much after receiving this massage. This benefit is due to the combination of deep compression strokes. There is an increased circulation of the blood and lymphatic system. The broad compressive strokes from head to toe enhance these two systems.  To put it another way, it magnifies the awesome feeling of well-being.
Ashiatsu massage is different in application. The massage therapist uses their feet instead of their hands to perform this service. We apply Ashiatsu on a massage table. We then use the overhead bars for balance. Or the client can lie on a mat on the floor. The therapist uses a stool or Portable Ashiatsu Bars on the floor for balance. The therapists applies Elixir of Life Alchimiste Deep Tissue massage cream to the clients body.  It assists the foot to slide over the contours of the body. Strokes are long and short. No other massage technique is deeper than Ashiatsu. You are only two-feet away from relief.
In conclusion, Ashiatsu massage is more popular than ever. Many articles in Massage Magazines have been written and published about it. Now you need to find an Ashiatsu practitioner. Or if you have a favorite massage therapist tell him or her of your interest. Tell them you want to receive this incredible technique. Ask if they know of any practitioners who do Ashiatsu. Or ask them if they would consider Ashiatsu training. So, this way you don’t have to go other LMT’s. Want to find a therapist near you? Google Ashiatsu Massage Near Me. Or go to our website to search for a certified Ashiatsu Massage Therapist. Looking for a class or workshop training?
We hope you enjoyed this blog on the six benefits of Ashiatsu Massage. Michelle Mace is an LMT as well as the CEO of The Barefoot Masters®. She develops continuing education for massage therapy. She has been offering Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage CE training for over 15 years. NCBTMB approved #403532-00
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